5 reasons why pet sitters are better than boarding

When pet owners go outside they have to decide what to do with their pets. People often find it confusing to choose between pet sitter and boarding. But pet sitter is a better option for many reasons.

1. No risk of infections

If you keep your pet in a boarding facility, there is a chance that they might catch infections like Bordetella. This infection is highly contagious. Pets can come into contact with the toys, equipment and other things infected pet has touched. Your pet will need veterinary treatment.

2. Stress-free option

Some pets find it hard to adapt to the new environment in the boarding facility. As they will be living with other dogs, they might not have a pleasant experience. By hiring a pet sitter you can keep your pet in your home. So, they will have less stress.

3. No changes in schedule

The boarding kennels will feed your dog, take them to walks or bathroom breaks; but they will do these on their own schedule. Your dog has developed a certain habit in your home. Now that routine will be broken. When you hire a pet sitter, you can write down your dog’s routine and the pet sitter can do the works accordingly.

4. Pet sitters do more work

Pet sitters not only look after your pet, they also do other tasks like watering your plant, receiving your mails, turning on the light, etc.

5. Get more attention

In a boarding facility, your pet will be looked after along with many other pets. But when you hire a professional pet sitter, your pet will get more attention.

As a pet owner, you will be more relaxed if you hire a professional pet sitter. He or she will look into any problem your pet may have when you are away.