8 things you should look for in a boarding facility

During summer vacation, the pet boarding facilities get packed with pets. If you are planning to go on holiday too, then you should also look for a place in a boarding facility for your pet. Before choosing a boarding facility, you should look for the following things.

First impression when visiting the facility

You should visit the facility without any notice and have a look at the condition. You should feel comfortable when you enter the facility. Notice if the staffs are friendly and the facility is clean.

Make sure your pet has received vaccines

It is a rule that all dogs must give proof of their rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccines before getting into the boarding facility. Otherwise, your pet might not be accepted in the facility. Even if they are accepted, your pet might catch a disease.

Other dog’s behavior shouldn’t be aggressive

See if there is any aggressive dog in the facility. Even if there is, there should be separate space for them so that they can’t mix with the other dogs.

Separate playrooms

The boarding facility should have separate playrooms. So, smaller dogs and larger dogs can be kept separate. This way it’s safer as larger dogs won’t get a chance to hurt the smaller ones.

Pet first aid

The boarding facility must have first aid facility for emergency cases. The staffs should be knowledgeable in first aid. It is better if the boarding has a veterinary hospital near them.


You should facility that has a webcam so that you can check on your pets while you are away using your smartphone. Good boarding facilities are equipped with webcams and you can check on your pets regularly.

Access to the outdoors

Choose a facility that has access to the outdoors. Your dog will feel better going out in dog pool areas and take some fresh air. They can have potty breaks outdoors. This will help them to cope up with the summer heat.

Provide personal items and instructions

It is better to stick to the regular diet for dogs even in the boarding facility. So, the boarding facility you choose should allow you to write down your own food list for your pet. You should be allowed to bring your own treats, bowls, bedding, etc.

All these factors are very important when choosing a boarding facility for your pet. You should consider your budget and location as well when booking a pet boarding facility.